65th anniversary

65For this occasion we would like to invite you to attend our festival which will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 22nd until 29th March 2015.
We are expecting circus performers, groups and individuals from different circus schools (with a teacher if it is needed) and a performance.
The 8-day programme contains lots of possibilities to practise at the Artists’ Colony and the Capital Circus of Budapest. At the end of the workshop, on 28th and 29th March there will be three shows at the Capital Circus open for the public, two on Saturday, one on Sunday.
We can provide free accommodation and your travel to Budapest. Deadline for the application: 15th December 2014.
If you are interested in the programme or have any question, please feel free to contact us. Our e-mail address is info@biak.hu
We are looking forward to meeting you in Budapest.


  • The venues
    The Festival will be held in Budapest, Hungary. The main scenes are the Artists’ Colony of MACIVA, Hungarian Circus and Variety Nonprofit Ltd. – (H-1146 Budapest, 215-217 Hungária körút) and the Capital Circus of Budapest (H-1146 Budapest, 12/A Állatkerti körút). There will be three evening shows at the circus, two on Saturday 28th March and one on Sunday 29th March.
  • The technical equipment of the venues
    – aerial straps motor
    – aerials /swinging trapeze, silks, aerial hoops/; rope, rhoenrad, monocycle, etc.
  • Exact dates, programmes (plan)
    22nd until 29th March 2015.
    20th-22nd: date of the arrival of participants
    from 23rd: workshop, practice, sightseeing
    27th: rehearsal
    28th: at 11am and 3pm show
    29th: at 11 am show
  • Programme of performance, objectives
    On the 65th anniversary of Imre Baross Circus Arts School we are expecting groups and individuals from different circus schools (with a teacher if it is needed). For the closing of the festival the applicants will present their number at the Capital Circus of Budapest.
  • The budgetWe provide:
    – accommodation
    – travel cost to Budapest
    – facilities for the trainingThe participating school or students should pay:
    – travelling home from Budapest
    – insurance (or European Health Insurance Card)
    – meals
  • The deadline for the application
    15th December 2014.
  • The deadline of sending the material we need from the applicants (video link, intent and profile)
    (registration form is attached)
    With the application you should tell us the technical demands, material and apparatus needed.
    Confirmation: until 22nd December
  • Contact person on behalf of Imre Baross Circus School to whom you should send the application
    Brigitta Bán secretary
    E-mail: artistakepzo@gmail.com, info@biak.hu
  • Contact us if you have any technical questions:
    E-mail: info@biak.hu
    Looking forward to your answer as soon as possible,

Brigitta Bán

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